baby swaddling

Baby swaddling is an age old process of wrapping a baby up in such a snuggly and cuddled way that the infant feels protected and comfortable just as exactly as he or she used to be in the mother’s womb. This is because the baby is wrapped up in thin blankets in a nice way that he or she is not too tight or loose. But swaddling is not necessarily something one should always do for a baby as a form of routine because too much of packing your baby up like a burrito or samosa snack would definitely cause joint, limbs and overall body temperature side effects that would make your infant so uncomfortable thereby developing some defects along the way, especially if the baby swaddling was not done properly
But this traditional means of infant care could be applied when wanting your little one to sleep more comfortably and intending to reduce the risk of unnecessary wake-ups usually caused by a baby’s startle reflex where he or she starts to flail the arms and legs dangerously. Thus baby swaddling is a traditional practice of wrapping a baby up gently in a light, breathable blanket to help them feel calm when sleeping.

Baby Swaddling

The process demands that the babies should only have their body wrapped up and not their neck or head. Though it has not really been scientifically proven that swaddling is the ultimate safe sleeping procedure for a baby, but it sure works as a form of soothing therapy especially when an infant is just at its first three months and would still love to feel that cocooned and comfortable feeling like that of the mother’s womb.

Baby Swaddling Precautions

Swaddling, as cute as it is when done for a baby, sure needs strong technical know-how if one wants to use it. Though it is a simple procedure but can easily pose the risk of distress and physical trauma for the child if not done properly or applied under the right guidelines. But when doing it, one should first make sure that the blanket used is as thin as possible and yet can still give your baby a comforting warmth e.g. special cotton-winged baby swaddles, soft cotton muslin wraps etc. Then do make sure your baby is lying properly on its back and then proceed to wrap on the layers of the blanket in a hip free way where the limbs would still be free within the confines of the swaddle till you reach exactly beneath the shoulders and then stop there. This is because the baby’s head and neck are not meant to be wrapped up at all. Also, one of the hands must be free and placed on the blanket from the inside. So the overall concept is giving the child a soothing sense of protection and bliss. You can look up more step-by-step guidelines and techniques on swaddling from other sources.

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